The value of specialitzation

Fusion welding is a special process of joining similar materials together using heat, usually produced by an electric arc, which causes a chemical reaction at high temperature.

It is essential to know how this heat affects the materials that are joined, since they can not only cause deformations, they can also cause changes in the crystalline structure of the metal and change its mechanical characteristics, with the consequent possibility of damaging the piece.

A weld carried out without technical criteria can damage the piece or make its repair more complicated and expensive.

A suitable procedure restores 100% the functionality of the piece and its value.

Entrust the repair to a qualified professional with over 20 years of experience in welding repairs, a specialty that has nothing to do with production welding.

The work carried out is guaranteed, checked and/or inspected before being delivered.

Visual inspections, macrographies, penetrating liquids and pneumatic and hydraulic tests ensure the good result of the repair.

Repairs are performed with prompt delivery so that the repaired piece is returned to the original assembly and service can continue.

Work areas

The metallurgical knowledge of all weldable materials opens up an unlimited field of sectors to which we can offer the repair and welding service, to companies and individuals.

The repair, reinforcement or improvement of a high-cost or difficult-to-find components or with long delivery times make our fast and guaranteed services the best option.

The sectors in which we are more experienced are:

  • Nautical: manifolds, exchangers, engine tails, sumps, propellers, rails, light arcs, tank and hull fabrication and propeller guards, floating platforms, davit fabrication, outboard block repair, design and manufacture of brackets, etc.
  • Industry: Machining and stamping industry, hydraulic and pneumatic, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, etc.: repair of molds, matrices, dies, machine benches, tooling, re- loading of augers, repair of pipes and tanks, manufacturing of tooling, axle re-loads, anti-wear re-loads, etc.
  • Public works, industrial vehicles and passenger cars: repair of crankcases, oil and water radiators, exchangers, cylinders and pistons, engine blocks, gear housings, chassis, boxes and trailers of industrial vehicles and tractors, air conditioning condensers, cylinder heads, manifolds, rims, etc.
  • Hospitality: repair and manufacture of stainless steel furniture and repair of machinery, custom trolleys for ovens, etc.
  • Construction: welding performed by welders approved to pass the relevant inspections, manufacturing of railings and structures, ramps, air conditioning structures, etc.
  • Boilerwork: welding of pipes by approved welders in any material, manufacture of stainless steel or aluminum tanks, etc.
  • Motorcycle, bike, cycling: welding of motorcycle and bicycle chassis, crankcases, swingarms, cylinder heads, rims, exhausts.
  • W.R.C., competition, racing: adaptation of manifolds, tanks, crankcases, radiators. Chassis reinforcements, recovery of silencers and exhaust pipes, petrol coolers, etc.
  • Restoration of old vehicles: motorcycle parts, passenger cars and tractors, for their correct operation and resemblance to the original.
  • Railway sector: repair welding or modifications in aluminum by qualified personnel.
  • Plastics: welding or gluing of plastics.

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