Radiator welding:

Air conditioning condensers, water radiators, oil radiators, repair and cleaning of old vehicle radiators, intercoolers, intarders.

Welding of cast aluminum parts:

We repair and rebuild gearbox housings and hoods, crankcases, cylinder heads, engine blocks, engine covers, manifolds, deterioration due to oxidation.

Aluminum sheet welding:

In various qualities of aluminum, we weld and repair industrial vehicle trailers, buckets, bodywork components. We manufacture ramps, stairs, tanks, structures, etc...

Stainless steel welding:

Manufacture and repair of railings, hospitality furniture, food industry, stairs, enclosures, stainless steel castings, fluid conduction pipes, exhaust pipes and manifolds. Speciality in nautical and stainless steel 316.

Carbon steel welding:

Welding on any steel, treated or not. Manufacture of structures, railings, stairs, doors, gratings, etc. Welding of beams and laminated profiles.

Copper, brass and bronze welding:

Repair of radiators, dies, church bells, electrical connectors.

Titanium welding:

Tanks, exhaust pipes, anodes for swimming pools. Welding and returning to the original position of exhaust pipes for competition and motorcycles.

Magnesium welding:

Welding of components of Volkswagen, Porsche and Ferrari brand vehicles, classic and competition vehicles with components of this material (crankcases, cylinder heads, engine blocks, brake calipers).

Cast iron welding:

We weld with different procedures, but above all with autogenous, various cast iron parts: exhaust manifolds, engine blocks, casings, engine covers, crankcases, benches, covers and supports, etc.

Zamak welding:

With blowtorch or TIG.

Welding of duplex, super-duplex, inconels and monels:

Many parts and lines made in these materials and in any procedure. Pipes or castings to recover.


  • Laminated steel structures
  • Iron locksmith
  • Stainless steel locksmith
  • Hospitality furniture
  • Iron, stainless steel and aluminum tanks


The experience acquired during my professional career, the theoretical knowledge of welding, the passion for working and the desire to share knowledgment have led me to teaching. For 15 years I have been teaching "in company" courses.

Welding teacher in:

  • Institut Tècnic Català de la soldadura, Catalunya
  • Tuv rheinland España
  • Fundació EMI, Manresa, Barcelona
  • Grupo IBECON, Valladolid
  • Centre Estudis i Assessoraments Metal·lúrgics, Barcelona
  • Aula empresarial y profesional permanente, Madrid
  • Formación y mantenimiento técnico, Burgos
  • Grupo INSEM, Zamora
  • Grup Master Distancia S.A. (Nacional)
  • Sòlter soldadura, Girona
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