Propeller guards

Propeller guards for marine engines: “Poseidon”.

In 2015, and in the absence of a propeller protector on the market that was resistant and durable, the company developed a protector in stainless steel 316 that significantly improves its competitors.

“Poseidon” is a protector for tail or outboard transmissions:

  • Being manufactured with 316 stainless steel, it is perfectly repairable in the event of an impact.
  • The design provides a Venturi effect that gives it stability in navigation, absence of vibrations and improved maneuverability due to the greater flow of water that works the propeller.
  • The water driven by the Venturi effect provides an improvement in the push-pull of the propeller, achieving faster gliding speeds and therefore improving consumption.
  • The low profile in the manufacture, places our protector in the one that offers the least friction in the water.
  • The tenacity of the stainless steel allows the minimalist design, this leads to a lower weight and lower costs, managing to support high navigation speeds.

Advantages over other competitors:

  • Protectors made of plastic do not support high speeds, they are not suitable for powerful engines that sail fast, some manufacturers advise not to exceed 30 knots.
  • Both plastic and aluminum ones, in case of impact, suffer ruptures and loss of fragments to the seabed, making their repair impossible.
  • The tenacity of stainless steel allows deformation without breaking or losing a piece, they can be repaired without any problem.
  • To withstand the force of the engines, both those made of plastic and aluminium, they must use significant thicknesses, producing higher friction in the water and its consequences in navigation and in consumption.

We also manufacture custom tanks in AISI 316 stainless steel or Aluminum, exhaust manifolds with salt water cooling and "BRAQUETS" for installing outboard engines on boats with inboard engines.

Other services

- Cooled exhaust manifolds

- Tailor-made deposits

- Arches of light

- Floating platforms

- Davit manufacturing

- Design and manufacture of braquets

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