International welding specialist

David Arnau

Industrial master in automation

Qualified as a welder in:

  • Stainless steel tubes with T.I.G.
  • Aluminum sheet with T.I.G.
  • Aluminum sheet with M.I.G.
  • Structural steel with electrode (M.M.A.) and wire (M.A.G.)

Welding teacher in:

  • Institut Tècnic Català de la soldadura, Catalunya.
  • Tuv Rheinland España.
  • Fundació EMI, Manresa, Barcelona.
  • Grupo IBECON, Valladolid.
  • Centre Estudis i Assessoraments Metal·lúrgics, Barcelona.
  • Aula empresarial y profesional permanente, Madrid.
  • Formación y mantenimiento técnico, Burgos.
  • Grupo INSEM, Zamora.
  • Grup Master Distancia S.A. (Nacional)
  • Sòlter soldadura, Girona.


  • Visual inspector in Aguilar i Salas (boilerwork).
  • Visual inspector and qualifier in Tradinsa (railway).
  • Visual inspector and qualifier in Alstom (railway).
  • Welding coordinator.
  • Inspections with penetrant liquids.
  • Application of EN-ISO 3834 welding regulations.
  • Qualification of welders of various companies according to EN UNE1090, former UNE287.
  • Qualification of welding procedures 10614.
  • Quality and performance improvement reports in production, process improvement.
  • Welding of structures inspected by ultrasound.
  • Welding in all types of materials, different procedures and various welding positions.
  • Design and manufacture of machinery, tooling and spare parts.
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